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June 7, 2012- 33 weeks and 6 days!!!!

I can’t believe we’ve (the twins and I) made to the end of our 33rd week!!!  YAY!!!! This definitely calls for a celebration!!!  Last month when I found out that I had already dilated, I was scared out of my mind that I was going to go into preterm labor and that the twins were going to be born way too early.  I was in and out of L&D throughout April and May and was hospitalized as well.  Luckily, the twins received two rounds of steroid shots this past month to help their lungs mature faster just in case they did come early. 

At our last ultrasound, which was 2 weeks ago, our doctor predicted that I was going to go into labor during my 34th week.  If they are born this early, they wouldn’t have much complications and may not have to stay that long in NICU.  Plus, with the steroid treatment, their lungs should be strong enough that the babies would be able to breath on their own : )

Full term for twins is between 36-37 weeks.  Regardless if the babies are born this week…they will be coming soon : ) 

I have another ultra-sound appointment tomorrow.  Going to see how the babies are doing and the docs going to check if I’ve dilated more.

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